In Focus: BMC TrueSight Operations and How It Prepares Businesses for Operational Intelligence

BMC TrueSight Operations monitors workflow applications on real-time and arrests problems when they happen. Read on to know more about this breakthrough in ITOM.

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A company’s ability to survive in the fast-changing digital landscape depends heavily on the quality of its IT infrastructure, its related technologies, and the skill and expertise by which the IT team members can use these to accomplish its overall business objectives. IT applications must run smoothly and efficiently to ensure business continuity and the fulfillment of service-level agreements. The breakdown of one IT internal app, the server, or a solution that links it with a client can cost the organization tremendously in loss of income, damage to reputation, and low customer satisfaction that day.

BMC TrueSight Operations  can avert this scenario for organizations because it provides both in-depth and real-time monitoring, maintenance, and troubleshooting of the company’s applications and services. This means that the IT manager (and by implication, the management through his eyes) can check on the spot how any application or component is performing. BMC TrueSight Operations also sees that the IT services are functioning optimally. If any weak link can deteriorate over time, or cause a sudden disruption that can paralyze operations, it can resolve this situation immediately through its automated workflows.

BMC solves application and infrastructure problems by delivering end-to-end performance management, supported by data and analytics.

This in-depth monitoring and the analysis it produces also helps the IT manager develop highly critical insights that can improve business performance and improve end-user experience.


BMC TrueSight Operation’s custom dasboard


Another advantage in deploying BMC TrueSight Operations is its flexibility; it can be integrated with different IT environments and effortlessly automates enormous data.  Essentially, it manages operations that would be difficult to sustain manually.

What makes BMC TrueSight Operations is compiling and analyzing data reports, which had been submitted in various points in time, to come up with a comprehensive analysis.

As BMC’s white paper elaborates, “It addresses past events through root cause analysis, present activities through real-time analytics, and future needs through integration and planning.” BMC TrueSight Operations ‘learns’ from previous activities and pinpoints the reasons why the system suffered a breakdown or stalled. While always showing visibility on the current operations, it is also on the lookout to see to it that the breakdown does not occur again. Finally, it presents the information based on these incidents to guide the IT manager into further strengthening the system by addressing possible future requirements.

BMC TrueSight Operations can flag the IT manager once it detects a performance abnormality, or an unusual incident, trigger, or behavior that does not conform to the norm. The IT manager can check immediately to determine if this abnormality is a minor mistake that can be immediately fixed, or the hint of a bigger crisis that must be studied and remediated.

Then it provides insights on efficient solutions that can be implemented even before the impact reaches the end users. It also displays graphical reports based on application topology or application performance evaluation, which makes his job easier for the IT manager. On top of it all, it stores efficient solutions to automatically prevent problem events from recurring.

Efficiency need not be costly. BMC provides various solutions for lowering the IT-related expenditures. Its BMC Mainframe Cost Optimization works by making the mainframe run more smoothly for lesser amount of money, while providing increased availability to its users.

The capability to monitor workflow applications on real-time and arrest problems when they happen can sharpen an organization’s competitive edge. BMC makes the transition easy while providing savings opportunities for the organization.




BMC Truesight Operations Management

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