4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs an APM System

Monitoring and managing your daily operations becomes easier with APM.

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APM is the process of analyzing and monitoring the efficiency and stability  of the software applications you are using. It gives you an idea of the quality of the performance of your applications and the level of satisfaction of your customers in using your services. It impacts several aspects of your business, especially customer satisfaction, sales, administration tasks, and financial strategy.

According to Business Wire, the APM market is expected to grow at least 12 percent from 2014 to 2019 because of the advantages it provides. Here are four of them. which are all good reasons why your business needs APM:

Better understanding of the customer experience

APM will give you a brief and easy-to-understand assessment of all the applications your company and your customers are using. You can analyze whatworks for your customer, which will give you an idea on how to improve your service. Of course, more satisfied customers mean more revenue for your business. But if you fail to determine application issues quickly, you can run the risk of losing a customer to a competitor.

Business continuity

Software downtime affects the daily operations of your company, which is the reason why you cannot afford to have unreliable software. Service downtime leads to lost income and can damage your company’s reputation significantly. APM helps predict or even prevent downtime. According to APM Digest, companies using APM solutions experience 60-70 percent reduction in downtime.

Business productivity

APM also simplifies the tasks of employees, particularly those who are assigned to handle technical works. APM Digest also reported that productivity increased by 59 percent per month, which means employees were able to handle more tasks and support more customers. As a result, employees or different departments will have more time to collaborate and resolve recurring issues quickly.

Less operational cost

Gartner reveals that yearly application development amounts to 35 percent of all IT expenses of companies. APM helps reduce IT cost by avoiding redundancies. By using APM, your company might not need to pay for high-profile IT experts.  Research from Fluke Networks Visual via APM Digest says that APM reduces issues by 40-50 percent, which means you can also decrease members of IT staff, particularly those who are assigned to handle support tickets. Thus, it minimizes your company’s operational cost.

Monitoring and managing the daily operation of your business have become more challenging nowadays. But with the APM, they can become less cumbersome and more efficient, leading to more rewarding yields of efficiency and productivity.

Photo by thetaxhaven is licensed under CC BY 2.0